Are there minimum order quantities ?

Yes.  The minimum order quantity per unique design is 2k.  Price reductions are available for orders larger than 2k.  Monthly maximum order quantity is 100k.

What colors can I choose for the base ?

Unlimited.  Custom color matching is available.

Can I put any graphics on it that I want ?

Yes.  The device is your blank canvas.

How durable are they ?

Very.  PC/ABS injection molded plastic is capable of withstanding abusive daily use.  Fonester has been tested to 25 cycles in an industrial dish washer.

How much do they cost ?

Pricing is dependent on order quantity.

Who decides what the content is ?

You do.

Who controls the content ?

You do. 

Can I change the content ?

Yes. As often and as much as you like.

How many tiles are available ?

Unlimited.  The user experience is customizable to your needs.

Do we have to use the tiles ?

No.  The user experience can be tailored to anything you want.