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Now you can engage your customers when and where it matters most.

Fonester™ serves up two reasons to “tap in.”

When you serve customers information that enhances what they’re doing at that very moment, you nurture deeper connections with your brand. When you serve it to them with Fonester, they’re more likely to opt-in and share information about themselves.

Fonester isn’t just digital. It’s “phygital.”

Fonester is the logical convergence between digital and physical.  On one hand, it provides customers a secure, elevated platform that protects their phones from spills and drops.  It optimizes your proximity marketing by instantly serving up value-added information about your brand, restaurant, bar, resort or event when it matters most. It’s the first market-ready Internet of Things (IoT) platform created specifically for hospitality and service brands.


Using Fonester is easy.


Customers simply place their phones on Fonester.
One tap delivers relevant engagement.
And there’s no need for an app.

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No other point of sale marketing delivers
so much, so quickly.

Directly target specific target audiences.

Can be tracked and modified to suit customer behavior.

It’s inviting, non-interruptive.

Invites audience to connect to share information about themselves.

Delivers a very high response rate

Launch with low development costs high ROI